The Enhancing Students’ Speaking Skills in English Instruction in Mozambique: Practical Recommendations


  • Realito Adamugy Ussene MOMADE Lúrio University – Faculty Of Social and Human Sciences


English language teaching, learning, Teachers’ strategy, students speaking skills


The research was done at Mozambique Island Secondary School, grade 12. This research examined English teachers’ methods for improving pupils’ speaking abilities. Non-participant observation and semi-structured interviews were employed to obtain data. The research contained eight subjects: six students and two English professors. Teachers were watched and questioned after classes, whereas students were just interviewed. Interpretative and qualitative methods were used in the investigation. The findings show that teachers have trouble using speaking skills exercises in the classroom due to poor student levels, inefficient English language programmes, and a lack of content. Thus, there are no clear methods for instructors to improve pupils’ speaking abilities within and outside school other than discussion. The study suggests equipping public schools with English teaching aids and hiring qualified teachers with ELT experience. The curriculum should emphasise teaching English as a language, not as a subject. Teachers should use effective methods to improve students’ speaking skills by implementing various classroom activities.


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