Leadership Dynamics and Peace Development in Nigeria


  • Patrick Odu Egbeji Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria.


There is no gainsaying the fact that the leadership of any society or organisation determines the tempo of peace and development within it. Despite the fact that progress within every society is a combined effort of both the leaders and followers, the responsibility of setting the stage for this to happen rests so much on the leadership incharge at the time. No wonder leaders are either blamed or praised for anything that happens within their reign. The same decimal shows forth in a political setting where the hope of the masses is either sustained or dashed by the quality of leadership involved. Nigeria is a peculiar society that has gained a global spotlight because of the place it occupies not just within the comity of African nations but also within the Black race in the globe. Using the exploratory approach, this paper argues that the quest for peace and development in Nigeria is subservient to the body language of its leadership because peace is a by-product of well-engineered leadership craftsmanship which fosters growth and development. The paper concludes that if Nigeria must enjoy peace and meaningful development, it must ensure that good leadership is borne that would galvanize and properly harnessed its lofty potentials.



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